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1Z0-066 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration

Study sheperd Prepared by Killexams.com Oracle Dumps Experts

Killexams.com 1Z0-066 Dumps and real Questions

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1Z0-066 exam Dumps Source : Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration

Test Code : 1Z0-066
Test title : Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration
Vendor title : Oracle
: 184 real Questions

Oracle Database 12c: Data

the usage of Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database, half 2 | killexams.com real Questions and Pass4sure dumps

Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Database supply an integral ambiance for managing a database, including creating database tables. within the first of two tutorials, "the exhaust of Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database, half 1," they created a database connection to Oracle Database in JDeveloper, created a database table, and introduced desk facts. during this continuation tutorial, they shall question the database table and focus on probably the most question-connected elements. This tutorial has the following sections:

Querying a desk

To question a table, sprint a SQL remark in a SQL Worksheet, which is launched through opting for equipment>Database>SQL Worksheet. Add a question statement—for example, select * FROM WLSLOG—in the SQL Worksheet, and click on sprint remark, as shown in design 1.

Running an SQL Statementdetermine 1: running an SQL observation

The question outcomes gets displayed, as shown in design 2.

Query Resultdetermine 2: query outcome

showing a unique list View

The question result is displayed as a desk. To monitor a unique information checklist, appropriate-click on in the facts record row and select unique listing View…, as shown in determine 3.

Single Record View…determine three: unique list View…

the unique checklist View gets displayed, as shown in determine 4. the only list view dialog comprises subsequent (>) and former (<) arrows to navigate to the subsequent and previous facts respectively.

Single Record Viewdetermine 4: unique list View

the unique checklist View furthermore contains closing (>>) and First (<<) arrows to navigate to the final and first facts respectively, as shown in determine 5.

Navigating to the  final record viewfigure 5: Navigating to the closing list view

The remaining listing view receives displayed (see determine 6).

Last record viewdetermine 6: final list view

Counting Rows in a question effect

To signify number the number of rows in a question result, right-click on and select signify Rows…, as shown in determine 7.

Count Rows…determine 7: signify number Rows…

The Row signify number dialog lists the variety of rows as 7 Rows, as shown in determine eight.

Row Countfigure eight: Row count

finding and Highlighting records

The specimen question influence set used has only 7 rows; finding records is convenient, but if the statistics set had a number of rows, thousands of rows for example, discovering a specific information becomes plenty more complex. To locate and spotlight information, right-click on within the question influence and select discover/highlight…, as proven in design 9.

Find/Highlight…figure 9: locate/spotlight…

The discover/highlight dialog gets displayed, as proven in design 10. search for a time age or phrase in the question result. as an instance, search "Server state changed to running" through adding the phrase in the search container. several alternate options are provided from which you may elect those vital, Ignore Case as an instance. also, select the alternative spotlight Row to highlight the row. The colour used in highlighting facts is additionally displayed. position the cursor within the search container and select the Enter key to birth the quest & spotlight.

Find/Highlightfigure 10: find/highlight

The records row with the quest phrase gets highlighted (see determine eleven).

Highlighted Rowfigure eleven: Highlighted Row

If the find/highlight dialog is closed, the row/s highlighting is eliminated. The locate/spotlight device includes an option to persist the highlighting. select the Persist highlight choice, as proven in design 12.

Persist Highlight Optiondetermine 12: Persist spotlight option

The statistics row that contains the quest phrase receives highlighted as earlier than, as proven in determine 13.

Search Result highlighteddetermine 13: Search sequel highlighted

click on the x to shut the discover/highlight dialog, as proven in design 14.

Closing Find/Highlight dialogdetermine 14: Closing discover/highlight dialog

The highlighted row stays highlighted, as shown in determine 15.

Highlighted row stays highlightedfigure 15: Highlighted row stays highlighted

To delete the persisted settings, click on Delete persisted Settings (see design 16).

Delete Persisted Settingsfigure 16: Delete persevered Settings

in the affirmation dialog, click on edifying enough, as shown in determine 17.

Delete Persisted Settings Confirmation dialogdetermine 17: Delete persisted Settings confirmation dialog

The persevered settings gain removed, as proven in design 18.

Persisted settings removedfigure 18: persevered settings eliminated

Exporting the query outcome

during this part, they shall export the question sequel to some of the supported output codecs, together with outdo spreadsheet, PDF, HTML, and CSV. To export a question outcomes, correct-click on in the query outcomes grid and elect Export…, as shown in determine 19.

Export…determine 19: Export…

The Export Wizard receives launched, as shown in determine 20. elect a structure from the drop-down. opt for outdo 2003+, for example.

Selecting an Output Formatfigure 20: deciding upon an Output layout

subsequent, specify an information Worksheet title (WLSLOG) (see design 21). select deliver As unique File and hold the default Encoding. Specify an output File, and click next.

Configuring Source/Destinationfigure 21: Configuring source/vacation spot

In abstract, click finish. An outdo spreadsheet gets exported. The exported file is proven in design 22.

Exported  outdo Spreadsheetdetermine 22: Exported outdo Spreadsheet

The question outcome may well breathe exported to excel.xml by means of settling on format as excel.xml, as proven in determine 23. click on next and subsequently click on finish.

Exporting to excel.xmlfigure 23: Exporting to excel.xml

The excel.xml file exported is listed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-eight"?> <?mso-application progid="Excel.Sheet"?> <Workbook xmlns:c="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workplace:component: spreadsheet" xmlns:html="http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:workplace" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workplace:spreadsheet" xmlns:x2="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/excel/2003/xml" xmlns:ss="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet" xmlns:x="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel"> <OfficeDocumentSettings xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com: office:workplace"> <colours> <colour> <Index>3</Index> <RGB>#c0c0c0</RGB> </color> <color> <Index>4</Index> <RGB>#ff0000</RGB> </color> </shades> </OfficeDocumentSettings> <ExcelWorkbook xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel"> <WindowHeight>9000</WindowHeight> <WindowWidth>13860</WindowWidth> <WindowTopX>240</WindowTopX> <WindowTopY>75</WindowTopY> <ProtectStructure>False</ProtectStructure> <ProtectWindows>False</ProtectWindows> </ExcelWorkbook> <styles> <trend ss:id="Default" ss:identify="Default"/> <vogue ss:identity="effect" ss:identify="effect"> <Font ss:bold="1" ss:Italic="1" ss:Underline="Single"/> </fashion> <style ss:identification="Result2" ss:identify="Result2"> <Font ss:bold="1" ss:Italic="1" ss:Underline="Single"/> <NumberFormat ss:format="foreign money"/> </fashion> <fashion ss:identity="Heading" ss:name="Heading"> <Font ss:bold="1" ss:Italic="1" ss:measurement="16"/> </fashion> <fashion ss:identity="Heading1" ss:name="Heading1"> <Font ss:bold="1" ss:Italic="1" ss:measurement="16"/> </trend> <vogue ss:id="co1"/> <fashion ss:id="co2"/> <fashion ss:identity="ta1"/> <trend ss:identification="ce1"> <NumberFormat ss:layout="short Date"/> </style> <vogue ss:identity="ce2"> <NumberFormat ss:format="popular Date"/> </style> <fashion ss:identification="ce3"> <NumberFormat ss:structure="established Date"/> </fashion> <fashion ss:identification="ce4"> <NumberFormat ss:format="long time"/> </fashion> </patterns> <ss:Worksheet ss:name="Sheet 1 identify"> <table ss:StyleID="ta1"> <Row ss:peak="12.384"> <cellphone> <information ss:category="String">TIME_STAMP</facts> </telephone> <cellphone> <records ss:type="String">class</facts> </cell> <mobile> <information ss:type="String">classification</records> </cell> <telephone> <information ss:category="String">SERVERNAME</statistics> </mobilephone> <phone> <facts ss:classification="String">CODE</data> </mobilephone> <phone> <facts ss:classification="String">MSG</records> </telephone> </Row> <Row> <mobilephone> <facts ss:classification="String"> Apr-8-2014-7:06:sixteen-PM-PDT </records> </telephone> <cellphone> <facts ss:category="String">note</facts> </telephone> <cellphone> <statistics ss:class="String">WebLogicServer</statistics> </cell> <phone> <facts ss:type="String">AdminServer</information> </telephone> <phone> <information ss:category="String">BEA-000365</information> </telephone> <mobile> <statistics ss:class="String"> Server state changed to STANDBY </statistics> </cell> </Row> <Row> <cell> <records ss:category="String"> Apr-eight-2014-7:06:17-PM-PDT </information> </phone> <cell> <statistics ss:classification="String">note</records> </cellphone> <telephone> <facts ss:classification="String">WebLogicServer</records> </mobile> <mobile> <statistics ss:classification="String">AdminServer</information> </cell> <phone> <records ss:type="String">BEA-000365</information> </cell> <mobilephone> <information ss:class="String"> Server state changed to beginning </information> </phone> </Row> <Row> <mobilephone> <statistics ss:category="String"> Apr-8-2014-7:06:18-PM-PDT </records> </telephone> <telephone> <records ss:class="String">be aware</records> </cellphone> <phone> <statistics ss:classification="String">WebLogicServer</information> </mobile> <mobile> <facts ss:category="String">AdminServer</data> </mobile> <mobilephone> <statistics ss:classification="String">BEA-000365</facts> </cell> <mobilephone> <data ss:type="String"> Server state modified to ADMIN </records> </telephone> </Row> <Row> <mobile> <records ss:type="String"> Apr-8-2014-7:06:19-PM-PDT </data> </phone> <cell> <data ss:category="String">notice</facts> </phone> <telephone> <facts ss:classification="String">WebLogicServer</records> </cellphone> <phone> <facts ss:type="String">AdminServer</facts> </mobilephone> <cell> <records ss:type="String">BEA-000365</facts> </phone> <telephone> <facts ss:classification="String"> Server state modified to RESUMING </information> </cellphone> </Row> <Row> <phone> <statistics ss:classification="String"> Apr-8-2014-7:06:20-PM-PDT </records> </telephone> <cellphone> <information ss:category="String">note</statistics> </mobile> <cell> <statistics ss:classification="String">WebLogicServer</information> </phone> <mobile> <records ss:class="String">AdminServer</records> </cellphone> <telephone> <facts ss:classification="String">BEA-000361</records> </mobilephone> <cell> <information ss:category="String"> started WebLogic AdminServer </information> </telephone> </Row> <Row> <phone> <statistics ss:class="String"> Apr-eight-2014-7:06:21-PM-PDT </data> </phone> <cell> <statistics ss:category="String">be aware</facts> </telephone> <cellphone> <data ss:type="String">WebLogicServer</records> </telephone> <telephone> <statistics ss:category="String">AdminServer</records> </telephone> <mobile> <statistics ss:class="String">BEA-000365</statistics> </phone> <mobilephone> <data ss:category="String"> Server state changed to running </statistics> </phone> </Row> <Row> <phone> <statistics ss:category="String"> Apr-8-2014-7:06:22-PM-PDT </statistics> </cell> <cellphone> <data ss:class="String">notice</statistics> </cellphone> <cell> <facts ss:category="String">WebLogicServer</facts> </telephone> <phone> <facts ss:classification="String">AdminServer</data> </mobilephone> <mobilephone> <records ss:class="String">BEA-000360</information> </mobilephone> <mobilephone> <information ss:class="String"> Server complete started in running mode </information> </phone> </Row> </desk> <x:WorksheetOptions/> </ss:Worksheet> </Workbook>

To export to HTML, elect structure as html, as proven in design 24. click next and in consequence finish.

Exporting to HTMLfigure 24: Exporting to HTML

The HTML file exported is proven in determine 25.

Exported HTMLfigure 25: Exported HTML

To export to a PDF file, elect structure as pdf (see determine 26).

Exporting to PDFdetermine 26: Exporting to PDF

The PDF exported to is proven in design 27.

PDF exporteddetermine 27: PDF exported

The PDF is exported as two info; the 2nd PDF file is shown in design 28.

The 2nd PDF Filefigure 28: The 2nd PDF File

working SQL*Plus

The SQL*Plus device may breathe launched from JDeveloper with the aid of making a option on tools>Database>SQL*Plus, as proven in design 29.

Tools>Database>SQL*Plusfigure 29: equipment>Database>SQL*Plus

within the SQL*Plus vicinity dialog, click on Browse to select the sqlplus.exe software, as shown in determine 30.

Selecting SQL*Plus Locationdetermine 30: opting for SQL*Plus vicinity

in the Open dialog, opt for the sqlplus.exe utility. With the sqlplus.exe chosen, click adequate within the SQL*Plus location dialog (see determine 31).

SQL*Plus Location dialog>OKdetermine 31: SQL*Plus region dialog>ok

The SQL*Plus tool receives launched, as proven in design 32.

SQL*Plus Tooldetermine 32: SQL*Plus device

Specify the password to log in to SQL*Plus. The SQL command instantaneous gets displayed, as shown in design 33.

SQL Command Promptfigure 33: SQL Command instant

Run a SQL*Plus statement, corresponding to DESC SYS.WLSLOG, to monitor the table description, as proven in design 34.

Listing table descriptionfigure 34: list table description

losing a desk

To drop a table, sprint the DROP desk observation in a SQL Worksheet, as proven in determine 35.

Running a DROP Table Statementdetermine 35: operating a DROP table commentary

appropriate-click on Tables in substances, and elect Refresh (see determine 36).

Tables>Refreshdetermine 36: Tables>Refresh

The WLSLOG table receives deleted, and isn't listed in Tables in design 37.

Table Deletedfigure 37: table Deleted


In two tutorials, they discussed the usage of Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database.

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Oracle 12c image installation in Docker | killexams.com real Questions and Pass4sure dumps

gradual SQL Server? These SentryOne supplies partake counsel and tricks for not handiest troubleshooting SQL Server performance concerns, however additionally combating them before they hit your creation ambiance.

in this article, i'll clarify the course to download Oracle 12c picture in Docker and the course to delivery working on the Oracle database.

As portion of Integration checking out, I delight in created a dummy database in Docker, if you want to back me deliver the validated records.

before genesis the installing, install the Docker on your workstation. treat with this article for how to install Docker on windows. You should create an account in Docker to download and start working.

After a success setting up of Docker in home windows, please examine to view whether Docker is up and working or now not. that you would breathe able to view no matter if it is up within the taskbar as proven within the photo below.

Image title

After Confirming Docker is up and working, open windows PowerShell to delivery engaged on Docker.

After genesis windows PowerShell, login to Docker with your Docker account suggestions with the below command: 

docker login

Now, Docker will put a question to to your username and password particulars.

Image title

we are able to now genesis pulling the pictures and pushing their personal created photographs to Docker Hub.

Oracle has 12c images in Docker Hub. Now, they will set up 12c lighter realistic in Docker. exhaust the under command to deploy Oracle 12c image from Docker Hub.

docker sprint -d -p 8080:8080 -p 1521:1521 --identify OracleDB shop/oracle/database-enterprise:

within the above command, we're asking Docker to sprint oracle photo on port quantity 1521 with the title "OracleDB". This command will first investigate even if the realistic is there in their endemic Docker or not, in any other case, it'll download the image and start operating the Oracle photo.Image title

I already delight in Oracle picture in my endemic Docker, and after the execution of the above command, Docker complete started operating Oracle photograph and has given us an identity for reference.

we can view the working status of the entire pictures or containers in Docker the usage of the under command.

docker ps

I actually delight in simplest Oracle photo operating in my endemic Docker, the location they can view the output of the command:Image title

The above photo shows the repute of operating containers in Docker. only one container (Oracle graphic) is running in Docker. they can view the container identity, created time, and port numbers of Oracle photograph.

Now execute the under command to birth and mount the database.

docker exec -it OracleDB bash -c "supply /home/oracle/.bashrc; sqlplus /nolog"

After execution of the command:

Image title

Now, they will birth working on the Oracle database. comply with the execution of the below instructions to create a sample table within the database.

connect sys as sysdba; -- here enter the password as 'Oradoc_db1' alter session set "_ORACLE_SCRIPT"=true; create person dummy identified by course of dummy; provide connect, useful resource, DBA TO dummy; --Now create a sample table. create desk Docker (id int,name varchar2(20)); --delivery inserting values in to the table.

Now they now delight in efficaciously installed the Oracle 12c database in Docker and created a desk to start working. they will access this database in any SQL editor.

beneath are the particulars of the database they set in:

  • HostName: localhost (hostname will breathe system IP tackle if you installed in any Linux VM)

  • Port: 1521

  • UserName and Password: dummy

  • provider name: ORCLCDB.localdomain 

  • Use the beneath command to gain the provider identify of the DB installed.

    opt for value from v$parameter where name='service_names';

    I even delight in created a modern connection in SQL developer with the above particulars and i can effectively entry tables created within the Docker database from SQL developer.

    Image title

    comply with the above steps to set up Oracle 12c in Docker and start working!

    Database monitoring tools letting you down? view how SentryOne empowers businesses to hurry faster.


    integration testing ,docker ,oracle 12c ,tutorial ,database

    Oracle Database In-memory | killexams.com real Questions and Pass4sure dumps

    Oracle Database In-memory is an not obligatory add-on to Oracle Database 12c that allows for Oracle's flagship relational application to characteristic as an in-memory database.

    Storing information in a server's leading recollection instead of on disk permits-reminiscence databases facilitate faster response times to database queries via averting the I/O latency that consequences from having to drag the required information off of a disk power. Oracle Database In-memory is designed to hurry up 12c's performance in analytics, reporting and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications alike.

    The in-memory know-how helps a twin-format fashion to storing statistics in 12c databases. complete facts is maintained within the present row-primarily based layout on disk for OLTP operations, but database directors can elect subsets of the assistance to furthermore breathe kept in a columnar information retain cached in memory. That speeds the processing of regular analytical queries through one hundred instances or greater, Oracle claims. in addition, the in-memory expertise gets rid of the should create and supplant analytical indexes that may decelerate OLTP efficiency. subsequently, Oracle says, Oracle Database In-reminiscence permits users to accomplish advert hoc analysis on are animated transactional facts while still enhancing OLTP speeds.

    All applications that sprint on Oracle Database 12c can instantly exhaust in-memory devoid of changes. Oracle Database In-reminiscence additionally works transparently with complete of 12c's management equipment, together with protection, reliability, scalability and tall availability technologies.

    Oracle additionally presents a standalone in-reminiscence database referred to as Oracle TimesTen for specialised uses. Oracle launched Oracle Database In-reminiscence in July 2014. The technology's structure become a portion of a broader vogue to accommodate in-memory processing capabilities into mainstream relational databases. It began with SAP's introduction of its HANA in-reminiscence rig in may additionally 2010. Oracle, Microsoft and IBM delight in seeing that in-built-reminiscence performance into their SQL Server 2014 and DB2 databases, respectively.

    1Z0-066 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration

    Study sheperd Prepared by Killexams.com Oracle Dumps Experts

    Killexams.com 1Z0-066 Dumps and real Questions

    100% real Questions - Exam Pass Guarantee with tall Marks - Just Memorize the Answers

    1Z0-066 exam Dumps Source : Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration

    Test Code : 1Z0-066
    Test title : Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration
    Vendor title : Oracle
    : 184 real Questions

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