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1Z0-101 Develop PL/SQL Program Units

Study lead Prepared by Killexams.com Oracle Dumps Experts

Killexams.com 1Z0-101 Dumps and true Questions

100% true Questions - Exam Pass Guarantee with towering Marks - Just Memorize the Answers

1Z0-101 exam Dumps Source : Develop PL/SQL Program Units

Test Code : 1Z0-101
Test designation : Develop PL/SQL Program Units
Vendor designation : Oracle
: 142 true Questions

Oracle Develop PL/SQL Program

Execute PL/SQL Calls With Python and cx_Oracle | killexams.com true Questions and Pass4sure dumps

After you could maintain acquired the grasp of performing fundamental CRUD operations with cx_Oracle, you're able to birth tapping into one of the vital actual energy of the Oracle Database.

Python is a brilliant language for many things you covet your application to do, however should you're processing information, it simply goes quicker in case you enact the work where the information is.

This retain up will cowl the pass to execute Oracle PL/SQL services and approaches the usage of Python and cx_Oracle. i'm assuming you are already generic with PL/SQL, but if now not, you can procure some aid from Steven Feuerstein and Bryn Llewellyn. (additional resources at the end.)

  • Python three
  • Oracle Database version 12+
  • primary Oracle PL/SQL and SQL skills.
  • Setup

    in order for you to comply with together with the examples, you will requisite to create here objects in a database schema that is protected to scan in. exist confident you've got permissions to create here objects.

    CREATE desk lcs_people ( identity number GENERATED through DEFAULT AS identity, identify VARCHAR2(20), age quantity, notes VARCHAR2(a hundred) ) / ALTER desk LCS_PEOPLE ADD CONSTRAINT PK_LCS_PEOPLE fundamental KEY ("identity") / CREATE table LCS_PETS ( id number GENERATED via DEFAULT AS id, identify VARCHAR2(20), proprietor number, kind VARCHAR2(a hundred) ) / ALTER desk LCS_PETS ADD CONSTRAINT PK_LCS_PETS simple KEY ("identity") / ALTER table LCS_PETS ADD CONSTRAINT FK_LCS_PETS_OWNER international KEY ("proprietor") REFERENCES "LCS_PEOPLE" ("id") / INSERT INTO lcs_people (identify, age, notes) VALUES ('Bob', 35, 'i admire canines') / INSERT INTO lcs_people (name, age, notes) VALUES ('Kim', 27, 'i supervision for birds') / INSERT INTO lcs_pets (identify, proprietor, class) VALUES ('Duke', 1, 'dog') / INSERT INTO lcs_pets (identify, proprietor, type) VALUES ('Pepe', 2, 'chicken') / COMMIT /

    To hold everything clear, i'll exist placing my PL/SQL code into a package called pet_manager.

    CREATE OR supplant package pet_manager AS system reset_data; procedure add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN number, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ); characteristic add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ) revert number; feature add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2, need_license_p OUT VARCHAR2 ) revert number; end; / CREATE OR substitute apparatus body pet_manager IS /* * Reset the illustration information */ manner reset_data AS start DELETE FROM lcs_pets; EXECUTE instant ('alter desk lcs_pets adjust id generated by DEFAULT as identification (birth WITH 3)'); DELETE FROM lcs_people; EXECUTE immediate ('alter desk lcs_people alter identification generated with the aid of DEFAULT as identity (delivery WITH three)'); INSERT INTO lcs_people (id, name, age, notes) VALUES (1, 'Bob', 35, 'i admire canines'); INSERT INTO lcs_people (identification, name, age, notes) VALUES (2, 'Kim', 27, 'i supervision for birds'); INSERT INTO lcs_pets (identification, identify, proprietor, classification) VALUES (1, 'Duke', 1, 'dog'); INSERT INTO lcs_pets (identification, identify, proprietor, category) VALUES (2, 'Pepe', 2, 'chook'); COMMIT; suspension reset_data; /* * Add a brand current Pet */ procedure add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN number, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ) IS begin INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( identify, proprietor, type ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, lessen(pet_type_p) ); COMMIT; conclusion add_pet; /* * Add a current Pet revert current id */ feature add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ) revert number IS new_pet_id number; begin INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( name, proprietor, category ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, decrease(pet_type_p) ) RETURNING identification INTO new_pet_id; COMMIT; revert new_pet_id; suspension add_pet; /* * Add a brand current Pet revert current identification and if it wants a license. */ characteristic add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2, need_license_p OUT VARCHAR2 ) revert quantity IS new_pet_id quantity; begin INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( identify, proprietor, classification ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, reduce(pet_type_p) ) RETURNING identification INTO new_pet_id; IF lower(pet_type_p) IN ('dog', 'cat') THEN need_license_p := 'yes'; ELSE need_license_p := 'no'; suspension IF; COMMIT; revert new_pet_id; conclusion add_pet; end pet_manager; / Cleanup

    To immaculate up the database should you are entire with the sequence, you deserve to drop the two tables and the equipment. please invent confident you're related to the germane schema where you created the tables.

    drop table lcs_pets / drop desk lcs_people / drop kit pet_manager / Boilerplate template

    The template they should exist the utilize of is:

  • deploy cx_Oracle.
  • Import the cx_Oracle driver.
  • Import os module used to examine the ambiance variable.
  • Get the connection string from the environment variable.
  • Create the connection object.
  • Create the cursor object.
  • import cx_Oracle import os connectString = os.getenv('db_connect') con = cx_Oracle.connect(connectString) cur = con.cursor() # Your code here i will consist of this code zone with outright Python examples and utilize the connection protest "con" and the cursor protest "cur" birthright through the sequence.

    For every exercise, exchange the "# Your code here" line along with your code.

    anonymous PL/SQL Block

    i'm going to delivery off with the most fundamental manner and easily execute an nameless obstruct of PL/SQL code to reset the database tables.

    # reset records commentary = """ begin DELETE FROM lcs_pets; EXECUTE instant ('alter table lcs_pets adjust identification generated by DEFAULT as identity (start WITH 3)'); DELETE FROM lcs_people; EXECUTE immediate ('alter table lcs_people alter identification generated by using DEFAULT as identity (beginning WITH three)'); INSERT INTO lcs_people (identification, identify, age, notes) VALUES (1, 'Bob', 35, 'i devotion canine'); INSERT INTO lcs_people (identity, name, age, notes) VALUES (2, 'Kim', 27, 'i admire birds'); INSERT INTO lcs_pets (id, name, owner, classification) VALUES (1, 'Duke', 1, 'dog'); INSERT INTO lcs_pets (id, name, owner, class) VALUES (2, 'Pepe', 2, 'chicken'); COMMIT; end;""" cur.execute(observation) illustration: python3 anon_plsql.py illustration:

    that you would exist able to execute any DDL or DML remark devotion this, but when you're going to elope PL/SQL, it exist always most effectual to compile it to the database.

    Execute a PL/SQL method

    the utilize of the code from the anonymous block, I created a fashion in the PL/SQL apparatus called reset_data.

    To call this manner from Python, they utilize the cursor.callproc components and circulate in the package.method identify to execute.


    Assuming everything works, there are not any response. So, this works as a "fire and forget" approach to call database techniques.

    example: python3 execute_procedure.py instance: move Parameters

    I even maintain a technique in my PL/SQL kit that they will utilize to create a current pet in the lcs_pets table. It accepts the pet_name, owner_id and pet_type. using these values, it is going to insert a brand current entry into the lcs_pets table.

    /* * Add a brand current Pet */ system add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ) IS start INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( identify, proprietor, type ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, lower(pet_type_p) ); COMMIT; conclusion add_pet;

    Now on the Python aspect.

    I select to set my values with variables so that my code is easier to examine, so i may create and set pet_name, owner_id and pet_type.

    next, i could call the cursor.callproc fashion and add an array containing the values to budge in the order they're described within the database.

    pet_name = 'Roger' owner_id = 1 pet_type = 'fish' # add a brand current petcur.callproc('pet_manager.add_pet', [pet_name, owner_id, pet_type])

    once once again, if everything works, there aren't any response.

    illustration: python3 pass_parameters.py example: Get PL/SQL characteristic revert Values

    When a row is added to the lcs_pets table, a brand current id is automatically generated. Having this identity will besides exist useful, so I created a feature in my PL/SQL apparatus that allows you to create a brand current pet within the lcs_pets table, identical to within the outdated characteristic, however will revert the current identification.

    /* * Add a brand current Pet revert current identification */ characteristic add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2 ) revert quantity IS new_pet_id number; begin INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( name, owner, category ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, reduce(pet_type_p) ) RETURNING identification INTO new_pet_id; COMMIT; revert new_pet_id; conclusion add_pet;

    the usage of Python to designation a duty in the database and procure the revert price, i may utilize the cursor.callfunc components.

  • I set the variables that i may utilize as arguments to the characteristic.
  • outline a new_pet_id variable and assign it the value lower back from callfunc.
  • The 2nd argument of the callfunc system is used to outline the classification of the information being returned. i'll set it to int. (cx_Oracle will address the quantity to int conversion.)
  • I stream within the array of values similar to I did when I used callproc.
  • Print the back cost for new_pet_id.
  • pet_name = 'Roger' owner_id = 1 pet_type = 'fish' # add a current petnew_pet_id = cur.callfunc('pet_manager.add_pet', int, [pet_name, owner_id, pet_type]) print (new_pet_id) example: python3 execute_function.py 4 instance: Out Parameters

    Out parameters can besides exist very effortless should you should circulate returned a couple of piece of suggestions. I actually maintain an add_pet characteristic within the PL/SQL apparatus which will determine to note if the pet classification you are adding wants a license or no longer. The feature will revert the current id devotion before, and a "yes" or "no" through the out parameter.

    /* * Add a current Pet revert current identity and if it needs a license. */ feature add_pet ( name_p IN VARCHAR2, owner_id_p IN quantity, pet_type_p IN VARCHAR2, need_license_p OUT VARCHAR2 ) revert number IS new_pet_id quantity; start INSERT INTO lcs_pets ( name, owner, classification ) VALUES ( name_p, owner_id_p, lessen(pet_type_p) ) RETURNING identification INTO new_pet_id; IF lower(pet_type_p) IN ('dog', 'cat') THEN need_license_p := 'sure'; ELSE need_license_p := 'no'; conclusion IF; COMMIT; revert new_pet_id; suspension add_pet;

    To work with the out parameter in Python, i may add a string variable known as "need_license". It may besides exist defined using  "cursor.var(str)". Then, they just add the current variable to the values array within the suitable position. This works the identical when using out parameters with the callproc formulation.

    To procure the cost from "need_license", they designation or not it's getvalue() characteristic.

    pet_name = 'Roger' owner_id = 1 pet_type = 'dog' need_license = cur.var(str) # add a brand current puppynew_pet_id = cur.callfunc('pet_manager.add_pet', int, [pet_name, owner_id, pet_type, need_license]) print ("New pet identity: \nLicense obligatory: ".format(new_pet_id, need_license.getvalue())) example: python3 execute_function_out.py New pet identity: 5License needed: yes example: settle for argument Values

    to this point, I've tough-coded the variable values within the Python code and the strategies are relatively essential, so there's a low probability of blunders. but for many methods, they are looking to accept parameter values that can exist passed into the Python code then on to the PL/SQL functions. i'll adjust the Python formulation to settle for command line arguments.

    We requisite to import sys in order that they are able to utilize sys.argv[] to grab the command line arguments and assign them to the variables.

    import cx_Oracle import os import sys connectString = os.getenv('db_connect') con = cx_Oracle.join(connectString) cur = con.cursor() pet_name = sys.argv[1] owner_id = sys.argv[2] pet_type = sys.argv[3] need_license = cur.var(str) # add a brand current petnew_pet_id = cur.callfunc('pet_manager.add_pet', int, [pet_name, owner_id, pet_type, need_license]) print ("New pet identity: \nLicense necessary: ".structure(new_pet_id, need_license.getvalue()))

    If I elope this so as to add a dog, I get:

    example: python3 accept_input.py rover 2 dogNew pet identity: four License vital: yes

    adding a fish, I get:

    instance: python3 accept_input.py roger 1 fish New pet id: four License mandatory: no PL/SQL Exceptions

    Now that i am accepting outside argument values, the odds that i could eventually procure errors with the above code is very nearly a confident bet. If an error happens within the Python code, that you may deal with it as you invariably would. but what if there's an error thrown by using the PL/SQL code?

    or not it's simple ample to test this. invent the identical call as earlier than but circulate in a string for the second price.

    example: python3 accept_input.py rover 2x puppyTraceback (most recent call closing): File "accept_input.py", line 22, in <module> [pet_name, owner_id, pet_type, need_license]) cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or price error: personality to quantity conversion blundersORA-06512: at line 1

    i'd advocate that you just tackle blunders as near to where they swirl up as that you would exist able to. in this illustration, you could trap the error within the PL/SQL duty and both tackle it or elevate it. in case you don't handle it in PL/SQL, it may exist passed lower back to cx_Oracle, on the pass to fling a cx_Oracle.DatabaseError. At that point, which you could tackle it as you can when some other error is thrown to your Python application.

    additional components

    The Self-driving Cloud Database: Introducing Oracle autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud carrier | killexams.com true Questions and Pass4sure dumps

    right here’s the problem: Executives greenlight a great project and builders are raring to work on it, but it surely takes days or perhaps weeks for IT to provision a database to procure outright started. Or developers dive in, but utilize a cloud-based database on the pass to in no pass meet the functional, efficiency, and price necessities the enterprise will want as soon as the app goes into replete creation.

    here’s the repair: Oracle autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud provider now lets you order up a magnificent, scalable Oracle database tuned for transaction processing that’s ready to utilize in minutes.


    It’s the 2d of Oracle’s self reliant database functions, which installation, comfortable, and tune themselves with out a human intervention. the primary such provider is Oracle’s autonomous data Warehouse Cloud service.

    These self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing databases are additionally most suitable for when your company theory needs a fast, scalable database however you don’t maintain the technical capabilities on personnel to invent it ensue. 

    quickly Transactions

    Oracle self adequate Transaction Processing Cloud service is chiefly tuned for lightning-speedy commercial transactions online, so should you update a monetary institution steadiness, order elements, or purchase from a catalog, the database responds immediately, despite the fact that lots of americans are the usage of that utility if you occur to are.

    To enact this, Oracle runs its independent database cloud functions on Oracle Exadata, an infrastructure optimized for database efficiency and uptime.

    From there, computer researching algorithms in Oracle Database 18c and Oracle Cloud combine to carry in reality self sustaining operations. That capacity a entire lot lessen labor charges for managing a database, no human mistakes, and vastly superior safety, on account that they patch and optimize themselves and not using a downtime or human intervention.

    New vigour for developers

    With Oracle self reliant Transaction Processing Cloud service, builders procure a current degree of license to deploy the Oracle database for the time being their assignment calls for it. “in its residence of being at the clemency of the IT department to procure a current gadget up and operating or to procure a project applied, developers simply press a button and now they've bought the Oracle Database on an Exadata platform,” says Maria Colgan, master product manager for Oracle Database and founder of the SQL Maria weblog. “They’ve received probably the most performant and performance loaded database platform at their fingertips for a fraction of the time and cost of standing that up on premises.”

    And, in contrast to cloud competitors, self sustaining databases from Oracle can independently scale the efficiency and capacity at a second’s word, making inescapable that groups pay for less than what they utilize and are outright the time capable for spikes fashionable.

    These self sustaining databases arrive simply on time, says Colgan, as it teams world wide are asked to enact greater with much less: “We infrequently hear about an IT department’s budget quadrupling 12 months to 12 months, but they enact hear that the number of initiatives and databases they ought to uphold can quadruple from yr to year.”

    Colgan notes a different source of massive power on IT—data protection, where newsworthy breaches proceed apace. Oracle self adequate Transaction Processing Cloud carrier adjustments these equations, she says, and extra opens the door for agencies to seriously change their corporations on the cloud.

    stronger security, No more Patching headaches

    without a people retaining the database, desktop learning takes over, applying safety patches within the history while the database is still on-line. “All cloud suppliers patch your database,” says Colgan. “but handiest cloud databases from Oracle liquidate the deserve to seize the database offline for patching,” which regularly delays a patch and leaves a vulnerability open to attack, on occasion for months after a patch is attainable.

    Plus, Oracle nearly ends downtime on its independent databases via “building in redundancy from the power supply up,” says Colgan. With the Exadata platform, “we maintain now got redundancy on the disk stage, redundancy at the sparkle degree, redundancy on the network degree,” she says. “we've even got redundancy at the server degree with actual software Clusters,” some thing rivals enact not present.

    These points, together with attainable backup in the cloud imply Oracle can present a dependable ninety nine.995 % availability with no exceptions. competitors can't match that, says Colgan.

    Oracle autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud service reduces the cost of operating the database in two extra approaches, says Colgan. It’s instantly scalable up or down, so an organization can pay for less than the transaction processing it wants at the moment. other cloud functions compress for a group quantity of vigour and zone and may’t alter on the fly, she says. and because the database is self-riding, self-securing, and self-repairing, it may well gash back the labor can impregnate of managing a database by pass of as a entire lot as eighty%.

    DBAs flip to statistics Innovation

    possibly the member of the IT crew that benefits the most from independent databases is the database administrator, or DBA, who can swirl consideration from database protection towards enhancing utility performance and leading statistics-driven improvements.

    There are greater in-house builders at their traffic shoppers than ever before,” and that they outright want access to data and database capabilities, says Colgan. If DBAs are spending less time provisioning, patching, and tuning databases, they could interact builders and aid them exist mindful what the database can do. “If a developer can enact some thing their application wants inner the database and just procure effects back, they could sustain themselves a entire lot of effort and invent their software extra productive,” Colgan says. Likewise, a DBA’s abilities of data sources, codecs, and guidelines is in towering exact by pass of information scientists and enterprise analysts. With less time spent managing database and greater time assisting the company utilize statistics to innovate, “DBAs can develop into a impartial more constructive accomplice for developers and company leaders.”

    To the Cloud: Mission-important Made effortless

    Oracle self adequate database services within the cloud are “exactly the identical product that they maintain on-premises,” and that, Colgan says, opens the door vast for organizations to bring their functions to the cloud.

    In contrast, Amazon has no related on-premises offering, so in case you’re going to stream to one in every of its databases, “you are going to must delivery from scratch,” she says. “You’ll should suck it up to enact every thing: dev, view at various, construction—everything on the cloud.”

    The identical is remedy of Microsoft, which she believes made a “rookie mistake” when it forked its cloud database away from the on-premises offering. on account of that, “you can not easily circulation from on premises at once to the cloud without doing a migration project,” she says.

    With Oracle, you employ the equal database within the cloud or on premises, so lamentable an existing, mission-vital software to an Oracle self reliant database is a lot simpler. You can also deliver your current database license to the cloud. “It’s the identical loaded progress ambiance and the identical complete SQL and PL/SQL—together with integrated laptop gaining lore of algorithms for true-time predictions and fraud detections. It’s outright preempt there for you within the cloud together with exactly the identical database that you just’ve been constructing edge on for years,” she says.

    handiest this time, the Oracle database deploys, secures, and tunes itself, without a human intervention.

    Oracle adds Transaction Processing to its autonomous Database Cloud | killexams.com true Questions and Pass4sure dumps

    First identify: remaining name: e-mail handle: Password: verify Password: Username:

    Title: C-stage/President manager VP personnel (associate/Analyst/and so on.) Director


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    Work cell: company: company measurement: trade: street handle city: Zip/postal code State/Province: nation:

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    1Z0-101 Develop PL/SQL Program Units

    Study lead Prepared by Killexams.com Oracle Dumps Experts

    Killexams.com 1Z0-101 Dumps and true Questions

    100% true Questions - Exam Pass Guarantee with towering Marks - Just Memorize the Answers

    1Z0-101 exam Dumps Source : Develop PL/SQL Program Units

    Test Code : 1Z0-101
    Test designation : Develop PL/SQL Program Units
    Vendor designation : Oracle
    : 142 true Questions

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